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Christmastide at Ballarat

Christmastide arrived at Ballarat and what a celebration it was!

What a privilege and joy to perform in the beautiful setting of the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

Thank you to those who came out to watch us.

The twelve days of Christmas is a joyous time filled of festivity with feasting, gifts and ceremony. Did you know that carols began as round dances, performed with religious songs? Rich and poor alike, we sing and dance them at many festivals of the Church, including Easter, and especially at Christmas.


The Christmastide programme was carefully researched by our dancer Dominique Murphy. We thank narrator David Ranson and singer Natalie Maroki for joining us in the storytelling and singing of the Christmastide history.

We wish everyone happy holidays and hope you will come watch us again in 2019.

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