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The European Courtier

“A gentleman must deliver the appearance of a nobleman; for the mysterious source of courtly gracefulness is learned through imitation – not acquired by birth.”

Baldassare Castiglione from ‘The Book of the Courtier’, 1528.

A Room in Europe

Chamber music, dance and song from the Baroque era. Performed by the Early Music Consort of Melbourne, Baroque dancer Yoko Murakoshi and soprano Sarah Louise Amos.

A Yuletide Pageant

We mark the festive season with a courtly celebration of dance and music spanning four centuries, performed in scrumptious Renaissance and Baroque costumes.


Dancing with the Bard

“Welcome, gentlemen ladies that have their toes unplagued with corns will walk a bout with you. Ah ha, my mistresses! Which of you all will now deny to dance? Come, musicians, play. A hall, a hall! Give room! And foot it, girls.”

– from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Shakespeare

Christmastide Pageant

“Let’s dance and sing, and make good chear, for Christmas comes but once a year; Draw hogheads dry, let flagons fly, for now the bells shall ring.” Performed with singer Natalie Maroki and narrator David Ranson.

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