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How fit do I need to be?You just need a reasonable level of fitness and flexibility. Whilst some of our dances are energetic, many are more ‘poised’ than vigorous.
Do I need to attend all the sessions?The first session is a stand-alone Discovery session.
If you want to do the subsequent course, it is advised to attend all sessions, as we will be building skills and developing dances.
Do I need to buy special shoes?If you have ballet or jazz shoes, please wear them. Jiffy shoes will also do. Otherwise, any flexible soft-soled shoes will do, but no rigid runners or sneakers.
What do I wear?Comfortable, casual clothes that you can move in freely – pants or skirts should be no longer than ankle-length to avoid tripping hazards for yourself and others around you.
Do I need to come to class with a partner?No. There will be members of our performance group on-hand to partner.
How frequently do you run these courses?At present just once a year. We are a performance group and preparation for our performances is our priority. This is our only ‘down time’ in the year, when we can devote time to passing on our skills and actively seeking our new recruits.
Can I pay on the day I attend?No. Your payment secures your place. As places are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis (15 maximum), it is in your interests to make your payment as soon as you are sure you wish to participate.
What are the payment methods? PayPal or bank transfer, via our website
I can only attend two of the three sessions in the course. Can I pay less / get a refund?Unfortunately no, we are not able to give refunds. We are a not-for-profit organization. The fees are required to cover the costs of running the course.
How do I become a member of the Performance group?Come if you can to one of our concerts in May, attend the full course in June… impress us with your enthusiasm! We will be watching!
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