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Transport yourself back to the Courts of Europe when Ladies were, well, Ladies. And Gentlemen were not afraid to “show a leg”

Bringing alive the music, dance, song and general theater of the Courts of Italy, Spain, France, Germany and England is an extraordinary thing to do. Our Patron, Helga Hill AO, through more than 40 years of intense, dedicated effort, has laid the foundations for a repertoire that extends from the medieval through the renaissance to the baroque.

The performers work together to recreate the Courtly Arts. Doing so requires building the ensemble skills that transport both musicians and stage performers – and in turn our audiences – to another time. Versatility is an asset, for you may find yourself acting, singing and dancing, all within the space of a few minutes.

We all tremendously enjoy learning and performing together. Preparing for performances is a lot of work – but also heaps of fun. Indeed, we perform as much for the joy it brings us as a group and individuals, as we do for our audiences.  The group has built many enduring friendships as we tackle the challenges and pleasures of the journey. There is always much to do to deliver performances that reflect the spirit of the times; programme preparation, music and dance selection and choreography, rehearsals of course – but also the work that builds our audience, engages new performers, finds and hires venues, prepares costumes – and so much more.

Join us!

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