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Merry Christmas to all!

We wish you and all your loved ones a Merry Christmas. Thank you for your generous support of the Courtly Arts Performers. It is because of your support and loyalty to the early arts that we work so hard to…

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Christmastide at Ballarat

Christmastide arrived at Ballarat and what a celebration it was! What a privilege and joy to perform in the beautiful setting of the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Thank you to those who came out to watch us. The twelve days…

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Christmastide at Kew!

Thank you to our amazing audience at the Methodist Ladies College in Kew yesterday. We appreciate you coming to watch us on a lovely sunny Sunday. We especially loved your response at the narration about Cromwell and the return of…

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“Let’s dance and sing, and make good chear, For Christmas comes but once a year; Draw hogsheads dry, let flagons fly, For now the bells shall ring.” Join us as we bring to life customs and revelries of Christmastide from…

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