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We have news!

The 200+ days of lockdown in Melbourne have taken their toll on all of us in The Courtly Arts Performers of Victoria. It is hard to acknowledge that we last performed in December 2019!

We came tantalizingly close with our two attempts to stage Suite Delights earlier this year, missing out by a matter of days each time. We are still hopeful! Suite Delights is ready to go, and we are just waiting for the window of opportunity. Have your tickets at the ready and watch this space!

Our other programme – Steps Back in Time – was planned to take place in May 2020. We have rescheduled a few times, but have now reluctantly decided to abandon plans for this year. Know that we will give it our all when the time comes… in 2022.

Like many performance groups, we have been looking at ways to still do what we love while in COVID lockdown. We may not be able to perform for you in person, but we still really want to share our dances and music with you. To this end, we are delighted to announce that we have launched our YouTube channel: The Courtly Arts Performers of Victoria. Currently you can enjoy a collection of Renaissance dances from Christmastide (2018). We have many more videos to upload in the coming weeks. Please visit our channel, subscribe, ‘like’ and  share!

Find our YouTube channel here.

Find information about Suite Delights here:

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